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Microsoft to shut down Internet Explorer in August 2021.

Microsoft has confirmed that it will end support for Internet Explorer 11 across Microsoft 265 apps and services by next year. The company has said that it will end support for Internet Explorer from August 17, 2021, onwards.This means that after August 17, 2021, the browser will stop working on Microsoft products such as Office 365, Outlook, and others. The company has also said that before this, Internet Explorer will stop working on Teams From November 30, 2020. However, the devices running on Windows 10 will still have the Internet Explorer as the company has not yet revealed the timeline for its complete shutdown. In an official blog post, Microsoft said, “For degraded experiences, new Microsoft 365 features will not be available or certain features may cease to work when accessing the app or service via IE 11.” The company is also encouraging users to use the Microsoft Edge browser. The company also added that all the apps of Internet Explorer will also work on the new Edge bro…
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Tired of Zoom calls? Company offers at-home hologram machines.

Looking for a new way to communicate during the pandemic? A Los Angeles company has created phone booth-sized machines to beam live holograms into your living room. The device made by PORTL Inc lets users talk in real time with a life-sized hologram of another person. The machines also can be equipped with technology to enable interaction with recorded holograms of historical figures or relatives who have passed away. Each PORTL device is seven feet (2.1m) tall, five feet (1.5m) wide and two feet (0.6m) deep, and can be plugged into a standard wall outlet. Anyone with a camera and a white background can send a hologram to the machine in what Chief Executive David Nussbaum calls "holoportation." "We say if you can't be there, you can beam there," said Nussbaum, who previously worked at a company that developed a hologram of Ronald Reagan for the former president's library and digitally resurrected rapper Tupac Shakur. "We are able to connect military f…

WhatsApp may lose its flavour as Zuckerberg integrates apps.

WhatsApp has so far been a great experience for billions of users globally where there are no ads in-between chats, no distractions like promoted posts and in-app pop ups, but an integration with the rest of Facebook family of apps may mar the beauty of this end-to-end-encrypted mobile messaging platform. 
The world of social media is soon going to change as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg inches closer to fulfill its dream of integrating all his services into one cross-platform movement of personal data among Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014 for over $19 billion. Both WhatsApp co-founders -- Brian Acton and Jan Koum -- have quit a couple of years back over alleged difference of opinion with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg over data privacy, encryption and issues line monetizing the platform, which they always wanted to remain free from distractions and work like a pure, independent chat experience. 
In an interview with Forbes, Acton explained t…

The product which Apple once 'killed' may be reality soon.

Apple’s AirPower mat is one of those rare products from the company that people saw, loved and yet could not get their hands on. The company first showcased it in 2017 with the special 10th anniversary edition iPhone X and was continuously delayed before Apple officially cancelled the project in 2019.
 However, a small ray of hope came earlier this year when YouTuber Jon Prosser claimed on Twitter that the iPhone maker is working on it again. Now, Prosser has again taken to Twitter and this time posted two images of the alleged AirPower mat in action where we can it charging an Apple Watch and a pair of AirPods Pro simultaneously. Suggesting that the AirPower mat comes with a codename C68, Prosser said that the company has now managed to fix the issue where the Mat was not able to charge Apple Watch.
While Prosser has not given any information on the expected launch date, he did mention in replies to his tweets that the Air Power mat will offer a USB-C port instead and not a Lighting po…

The Impact of Technology on the Stock Market

There was a time when boisterous traders at the New York Stock Exchange yelled out orders to each other, creating a raucous din. When a stock traded on the strength of a news story, traders gathered in the stock's trading area and started shouting matches that sounded like brawls. Today's high-tech trading goes on without the shouting, and offers investors efficient ways to research and purchase stocks.

ResearchAccording to the Securities and Exchange Commission, investors have unprecedented access to information about companies and their stocks. The Internet provides current stock prices, company earnings reports, and breaking news about stocks and the companies issuing those stocks. Financial advisers can relay current developments to their clients, and companies can track the performance of their stock in real time. The result of this nearly instantaneous information is better-informed investors, traders and advisers. Execution of TradesComputer systems record buy and sell or…

Zoom plans to roll out strong encryption for paying customers

Video conferencing provider Zoom plans to strengthen encryption of video calls hosted by paying clients and institutions such as schools, but not by users of its free consumer accounts, a company official said. The company, whose business has boomed with the coronavirus pandemic, discussed the move on a call with civil liberties groups and child-sex abuse fighters, and Zoom security consultant Alex Stamos confirmed earlier this week. 
In an interview, Stamos said the plan was subject to change and it was not yet clear which, if any, nonprofits or other users, such as political dissidents, might qualify for accounts allowing more secure video meetings. He added that a combination of technological, safety and business factors went into the plan, which drew mixed reactions from privacy advocates. Zoom has attracted millions of free and paying customers amid the pandemic, in part because users could join a meeting - something that now happens 300 million times a day - without registering. 

Even mask-wearers can be ID'd, says Chinese facial recognition firm.

A Chinese company says it has developed the country's first facial recognition technology that can identify people when they are wearing a mask, as most are these days because of the coronavirus, and help in the fight against the disease. China employs some of the world's most sophisticated systems of electronic surveillance, including facial recognition.

 But the coronavirus, which emerged in Hubei province late last year, has resulted in almost everyone wearing a surgical mask outdoors in the hope of warding off the virus - posing a particular problem for surveillance. Now Hanwang Technology Ltd, which also goes by the English name Hanvon, said it has come up technology that can successfully recognise people even when they are wearing masks.

 "If connected to a temperature sensor, it can measure body temperature while identifying the person's name, and then the system would process the result, say, if it detects a temperature over 38 degrees," Hanwang Vice Pre…